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Sweet Companionship

Every season of life offers gifts of companionship.

As humans our deepest need is love, companionship holds the hand of love.

They are a pair.

I have learned to trust and embrace gifts from God to meet my need of companionship, not holding back, just in case something happens.

I have learned even though it is a risk to be fully present with the companion, self-protection risks a life of half-hearted living.

Sweet companions show up in my life in many forms:

A deep conversation with my adult children.

Coffee time with a close friend.

Phone call with my mom.

Watching a movie with a pet by my side.

Journaling and prayer with God as the sun rises.

It seems as though the seasons in my life right now are changing rapidly.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t quite keep up, sometimes I feel like I want the season to linger and sometimes to end.

The comfort for me in any season comes from sweet companionship.

It is like honey for my soul.

It is a well of unconditional love.

It is a reflection of God’s presence.

It is a gift.

When challenging seasons come my way, and I am feeling alone, I shift my mind to the list of my sweet companions past and present.

This past week I savored the 13 year season with my sweet companion Peyton, our golden retriever. Our season with him has ended, but the memories live on.

I am dedicated to not only being more aware of life’s sweet companions, but also becoming one for others.

I can look forward to the seasons ahead for both.

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A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17

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