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Smell the Roses

My four children were four years old. It was a fun age as they were moving on from the fascination of saying “no” and enjoying more free and imaginative play.

We established a structured routine to our days. We had regular outdoor play on the swings, in the sandbox and little pool.

It was an intense season of motherhood. I was deeply fulfilled in a way I had never experienced. I wanted with all my heart to be a loving, well-balanced mom. I struggled with a feeling of “maybe I am not doing enough” or am I making mistakes?”

One day as we were strolling around the backyard, I was holding my daughter Diana’s hand and I said out loud, “ I wonder how I could be a better mama?” She immediately responded and said,

“Smell the roses.”

I was awestruck. I stopped. I was speechless. I knew what God was saying to me in that moment of motherhood. Time to slow down, enjoy the season, play, notice and BE. Breathe in the fragrance of the beauty all around me. And when flowers are in front of me, take time to smell them!

Forever, I will remember the wise words of my four year old and the countless times each of my children have spoken words of wisdom in a moment fit for my soul.

Two weeks ago, I visited my mom in NM. She welcomed me to my room and on the dresser near my bed was a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses!

I leaned over and breathed in their fragrance and smiled and in that moment I remembered my daughter’s beautiful words: "Smell the roses."

Gratitude fills my heart as children are truly a gift!

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Proverbs 25:11

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