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A Day Of Acceptance

I have made a commitment to practice a day of rest each week. I call it my Sunday Sabbath. No work, no chores, no striving, unplug. Instead; church, family meals and time to enjoy nature and rest.

I have also become aware of my tendency to evaluate, critique and analyze others, life, circumstances and mostly myself. This pattern is causing me to feel burdened, tired and “not so good enough”.

I decided to couple my day of rest with a day of acceptance.

I would accept others as they are.

I would accept circumstances as the day progresses.

I would accept past circumstances.

I would accept what I see in the mirror.

I would accept my heart, soul and spirit.

When critical or anxious thoughts entered my mind, I would stop and say: accept.

I noticed myself taking deep breaths all day, a sign of relief and surrender. I don’t have to fix others, or right every wrong or work constantly. I can enjoy time, be spontaneous and let my mind be free to just think, dream and love.

After a few hours, I felt more loving toward others, even drivers! I felt more excitement about life and wanted to have fun. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I was confronted with the truth of my precious energy being zapped with overly analytical and judgmental thought patterns. I have chosen to lighten up and “smell the roses”.

My day of acceptance invited me into a life of acceptance and love. After all, it is only LOVE that brings change and inspires wisdom.

To acquire wisdom is to love yourself, people who cherish understanding will prosper. Proverbs 19:8

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