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A new path.

A milestone.

A transition.

A challenge.

All these words describe the place I stand: at a crossroads.

I have been joyfully observing my three young adults navigating their last semester of college, planning graduation and preparing for the next stage in life.

Along with them, I have a video playing in my head of our journey to Austin, high school, college, moving, jobs, dating and my life as a single mom navigating the path of parenting quadruplets.

We are at a crossroads. There are different reasons, different pursuits and different challenges, nevertheless, there we stand.

A myriad of emotions surface at a crossroads: confusion, anxiety, anticipation, and pressure.

I am finding comfort in one particular tool: To Listen

Listen to God.

Listen to myself, my intuition.

Listen to trusted confidants.

I felt myself “staring” at the crossroads sign, thinking that if I stare long enough, the answer of which way to go will pop into my head. It didn’t.

So, I “walked away” to a restful place, replenished and took care of myself. I needed time.

The quiet whisper came to my heart and the decision was clear. Then came peace.

It is interesting that no matter what age, we all experience crossroads. When we share tools we flourish in the process. Together, we can celebrate each decision and walk our new path with joy and confidence.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.

Isaiah 30:21

One step further: Gather more tools. Join me for our Flourish Weekend Retreat: Seasons of the Soul. May 5-6th.

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