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Rooted and Grounded

Life brings transition. Some is planned and some is not. But time keep marching on and every day we may encounter change.

I see it with each new season of the year.

How do I stay rooted and grounded during constant change? How can I keep my focus, embrace challenge and remain confident? Are there ways to enhance this process and stay in a place of strength during a time of transition?

Because of my recent move, I felt UP-rooted, stressed and anxious. I was having a hard time organizing tasks and I lacked peace.

I do not have my normal routines for workouts, household responsibilities, and community oriented activities. It is all new.

Time did not allow me to explore much, so the process of putting down new roots and feeling at peace in my new home and community was fleeting.

I decided to set aside one day to do a nature workout. I enjoyed my favorite outdoor activity of kayaking. I went solo and mindfully embraced the beauty of the water, the sounds, the trees, turtles and sun.

After the kayaking, I hiked with my daughter. It was full of peace, adventure, connection and inward rest. I saw the “awe” of nature, places unnoticed, and I felt my heart become ALIVE.

I felt the tethers tighten to the wonder of Earth and I envisioned myself being rooted and able to grow.

What started out as a way to get exercise, ended up in a grounding of myself for the next season in my life.

I am in a new home, a new community, with new opportunities. Now, I have vision and this time of transition brings joy and anticipation, because…..

I am rooted and grounded.

And may you be deeply rooted and securely grounded in love.

Ephesians 3:17

One step further…I invite you to our Flourishing Weekend to become deeply rooted and grounded for LIFE.

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