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The Storm

2015 has been the “Year of the Storms”. The clouds have been heavy and the downpours relentless. The waves have been overwhelming and strong. During the past eight months, I have been riding the waves and holding on to my life jacket and remembering the words my dad always said during the hard times:

“This to shall pass."

I have been meditating on the fact that I take for granted that the sun will rise and set, the seasons begin and end and time marches on along with change. It is not mine to control. It is mine to accept.

I also realized that the waves of life have washed away residue of trial and wrong beliefs and have cleansed my heart and soul. What was painful is now refreshing. I see life with different eyes, maybe more wise, more grateful, more humble, more compassionate.

I can now appreciate this new season. The calm after the storm. A season with an empty nest. I have been prepared. I have peace knowing my young adult quadruplets are walking independently with grace and perseverance. The bond they share is rare and undeniable. The separation now with one being out of state is new and challenging, but also a way for each of us to sow new seeds in the garden of life, watered by the storms and nourished by the sun, with a rich harvest to come. And it will come.

"He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves."

Psalm 107:9

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