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The Seed

It is my junior year of high school and my cousin in New York is getting married. They want a member of our family to attend and I was chosen to go (by default). I am traveling alone and staying with my aunt and uncle. I felt so grown up as was enthralled by the incredible city. It was at this point that I dreamed of living and thriving in New York someday. I even bought “I love NY t-shirts and bumper stickers!

I had always been what my family called a “city girl”, even though I grew up on a farm. I gravitated toward the fashion, the adventure, the cultural opportunities, masses of people, the city life. That was 36 years ago.

My career path as a life coach has led me to pursue training to become a practitioner of positive psychology. My son found this program and suggested I do this several years ago. I found myself compelled to start this Fall. Shortly after my decision, my son was accepted to NYU. This confirmed my decision and I paid tuition and made plans to spend one weekend a month living in NY for the next 7 months.

As my flight landed last Friday morning, I was flooded with a sense of awe and fulfillment. It was at that moment when I realized my hearts’ dream as a 16 year old was coming to fruition. I had completely forgotten about it. That little seed planted in my heart at such a young age mattered and was bearing fruit in my life. I was not consciously aware of the seed taking root and growing throughout the years, preparing me for my future adventures.

As I navigated the city, I felt a strong sense of belonging and joy, like I was “home”. It was empowering.

As I processed all of this, I first thought my “dream” was worth celebrating, even though it had been delayed. Now, I KNOW, my “dream” is right on time! During our class instruction, we reviewed several amazing individuals who contributed extraordinary gifts to our world and every one of them had several challenges, obstacles and years and years of waiting and laboring.

The seeds in all these lives had to take root and grow and be properly nourished in order to bear fruit for others.

The greatest surprise of all is the fact that my son “caught” the dream and he is living and thriving at NYU. He has always wanted to live in NY and was well acquainted with the city even before he was planted there. I received a double blessing by sharing my new learning experience with him as we explored and enjoyed the city together. My love for this city has been passed down to the next generation. That is the fruit of life.

We never know what seeds are taking root underground in our lives. I feel compelled to encourage others, no matter what age, to dream! The younger generation is full of ideas and their souls are rich soil for the “dream” seeds to take root. The fruit they bear from those small seeds can become a conduit to an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 1:37

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